• 2013-10-15

Office rent - you need to know?

It is understood that rent an office in the center of Kyivwill be more expensive than similar facilities in area and located on the outskirts . However, However, this attachment can be a good investment , because it will provide you with a constant stream of interested people in your services , so that the office will pay for itself quickly .

What else needs to fate when renting premises for the office?

1.Obyazatelno to contract, because as rent - also a kind of business relationship , and there may be some nuances that are only at first may seem commonplace.

2.Use facility rental office. The contract must necessarily be a mark on the profile of rent an office , and if the office rent will not coincide with that kind of activity you are going to do, problems with neighbors and government agencies can not be avoided .

3.Plata for services. The rent may include charges for Internet, telephone , cleaning , but sometimes in this list can also meant additional costs for the use of elevators, corridors, parking.

4.Vnutrenny no one factor is prohibited , but can significantly affect the amount that you are a monthly or quarterly basis will be forced to pay for the rental office.

5.Staraytes not subscribe to sublet , because today it is associated with a large number of risks to be deceived. In the end, if there are no other options , at least coordinate their actions with the present owner of the leased premises.

6.And yet - it is quite possible that soon you will not be happy with the location of his office and decide to change the address. For this reason, at the time of signing the lease premises also stipulate step procedure of divorce, so you do not get trapped.


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