• Published 2019-10-11

Основні тенденції ринку офісної нерухомості Києва і вектори його розвитку

Перше, що можна відзначити - попит на якісну офісну нерухомість перевищує пропозицію.

  • Published 2017-07-10

On the trends and immediate prospects of the commercial real estate market in Ukraine.

Office real estate was the leader in the "fall" in recent years.

  • Published 2016-07-20

Kiev office rental market in 2016

Volumes of commercial real estate in 2016 is expected at a record low.

  • Published 2015-01-29

Overview of the market rent of offices in Kyiv

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine is in the center of economic, cultural and political activity. Not by chance that the market rent of offices also holds a leading position among the cities of Ukraine.

  • Published 2014-11-07

The better the office rent in a business center?

Self-respecting companies prefer offices, which are located in business centers that meet international quality standards. Such offices are, of course, first of all, talk about the prestige and solidity companies.


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