• 2015-01-29

Overview of the market rent of offices in Kyiv

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine is in the center of economic, cultural and political activity. Not by chance that the market rent of offices also holds a leading position among the cities of Ukraine.
Oddly enough, but the current crisis in Ukraine did not significantly affect the condition and number of operations performed on hotels ofisovyh. On the contrary, even the office rental market was moved. Experts is attributed to several factors. One of them, relocation companies. Many organizations have been forced to move to Kyiv and to rent offices for the conduct of its business. Another reason for the change of the office is a smaller, more compact. This saves money for the rent of offices, as price is often calculated per square meter. Changed and the number of services for the same money. Many offices rent with furniture, office equipment. The most interesting types of facilities that are offered in the market to lease office premises are offices in business centers located in central areas near the metro. Business centers offer different offices on the area. In addition, business development centers external infrastructure, it is possible to use parking, Security Guard, and cleaning.
Kyiv is a city with good conditions for the development of the market rent of offices. Professional offices in Kyiv is growing. Supply of office rental in 2014 increased compared to the previous year. In 2014, it was built many business centers.
Despite the fact that the market is working in a crisis, it can be argued that there are still favorable conditions for all segments of the real estate market and its lease, including office. It should also be borne in mind that the average prices in the office market are lower than in many European capitals. If you decide to advertise: rent offices in Kyiv, the options offered by the Internet and other media, will be enough.
The average level of market prices for the rental of offices in Kyiv in December 2014 has decreased. Thus, in the business center in the central part of Kyiv price ranges $ 25-40 / sq. In Business Center, located in sleeping rayonah- $ 8-16 / m, and housing stock, depending on the area and the level of remonta- $ 10-15 / sq. Price high-class business center, located in the center of Kyiv retained binding to rent Dolar US, and most of the office buildings simpler and offices located in the housing stock to the value of the dollar basically not attached and fixed price in local currency.
As a result, we can safely say that the increased demand for offices, so there is enough supply in the market rent of offices. And in the long term rental market of office real estate in Kyiv will grow in direct proportion to the events and the situation in the country in the future.


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