• 2017-07-10

On the trends and immediate prospects of the commercial real estate market in Ukraine.

This was due to the fact that there were a lot of proposals.

2014 - 15 year, rental property was in crisis, but following the results of 2016 there are tendencies to restrained optimism, and 2017 for growth.

At the moment, the commercial real estate market has stabilized, but it is still far from growth.

The vacancy of office real estate begins to decline. If in 2014 it was 30%, then in 2016 it is already 23-25%. Although this is quite a lot. In the rental segment of commercial real estate, the first signs of recovery appeared, although in its forecasts it is rather cautious, since the real estate segment is secondary and follows the economy, and forecasts for the economy are "cautious optimism". The real estate market is secondary. The economy begins to recover, and the office real estate market is beginning to recover. And if we take into account the positive macroeconomic dynamics, then it is assumed that the demand will be restored, and this in turn will reduce the vacancy in each of the segments (warehouse, retail, office real estate). In 2017, demand begins to recover. In the office segment, the main factor to reduce the vacancy is either the emergence of new companies, or the expansion of existing companies. Important in 2016 for the segment of the office real estate market is the increase in office companies, which are planning to expand the staff of companies. This will eventually lead to an increase in leased space and a decrease in vacancies.

Positive trends in 2017, the demand for office real estate is beginning to recover.

In 2017, the recovery of rental property is expected.


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