• 2014-03-10

Select office for rent

Business success in any field depends on competent coordination, which is impossible without an office staff. Organize the work of the group, can only be in the office, specially equipped to carry out all sorts of working. Therefore, as it would be desirable to save money, without an office entrepreneur can not do.

Purchase of a building or premises for corporate needs are not always rational. To find the desired object can take a long time. Costs, especially for start-ups are enormous. In addition, with the expectation for the future, goals, and status of the company are subject to change, and bought property may eventually just become obsolete. Now easier and more profitable to rent residential premises and better if it will be in the specially adapted for this building. By what criteria to choose the office?

Location and infrastructure

For efficient operation of the administrative and managerial staff must not only equipped with the interior space. Location of the building is extremely important, as a rule, is the center of the city or its prestigious areas. From this perspective, both for large and for small businesses attractive office rent in a business center. Kyiv and other major cities have entire neighborhoods with specially equipped buildings with its own infrastructure, communications.

Of course, comfortable area and equipped building will make a tangible part of the costs. But the cost will be paid back to a much greater extent than the inadequate facilities on the outskirts of the city.

Legal security

The great demand for rental properties in Ukraine spawned a large number of pseudo-owners and intermediaries conducting fraudulent transactions. "Black brokers" difficult to visually distinguish. They are in accordance with the order of the Law signed a contract to lease a confirmation by a notary. However, the notary is not a safe transaction. It only confirms the capacity of the parties at the time of execution of a document. Without state registration of the contract is not considered valid.

Grounds for suspicion may be to require the landlord about the advance payment for more than one month. The present owner of the property or his representative, as a rule, takes payment for the actual operation of the facility. Ensure the rights and powers of a landlord you must own or with the help of a lawyer. The best proof would be an extract from the Unified State Register.

Interest in the long term

If you are interested in the success of your business, you need a solid, comfortable for the staff and the representative for clients and partners the room. If the business does not pursue representational purposes, you can pick up the offices of class B and C. These categories are not less comfortable for the business process, but the cost to them is lower, which is beneficial for small companies.

In general, you should not choose an office only in the rental rate. Much more important is its functionality and productivity. Indeed, from his work on the success of your company.


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