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Classification of business centers and offices in Kyiv

Offices of class "A"

Offices Kyiv of class "A" are located in the new business centers in central and prestigious areas of the city, with convenient transport interchange and parking, with optimum layout, quality repairs and modern communications, automated life support systems.

Business center in Кyiv of class "A" are new cast-frame or brick buildings. The offices of this class are usually installed raised floors and suspended ceilings. Therefore, the ceiling height in these areas before the repair should be 3.5-3.6 m (after repair - not less than 2.7 m).

The windows in the rooms must provide proper illumination throughout the daylight hours, without causing overheating rooms and not creating solar flares inside. This is achieved by arrangement of windows ("panoramic windows") and the use of special glasses.

The business center of class "A" should be based on the author's (not typical) project. The exterior finish should be modern and high-quality. Interior decoration in the office complexes are usually made to order tenant (by changing the tenant is renovated).

Business center Kyiv of class "A" are equipped with machinery and engineering equipment in the construction of the building. Requires automated life support systems such as ventilation, fire suppression, backup power, special means of evacuation, climate control (separately in the common areas and in individual offices). Security system in the business center should be a system for monitoring the surrounding area, entrances and interior: video surveillance, motion control systems access to the premises (with identification of each visitor).

Kyiv offices should be provided with all the business infrastructure: its own guarded parking, private phone lines, its own PBX system, high-speed Internet (including wireless networks - WiFi), special rooms (meeting rooms, conference rooms, rest rooms and public environments , kitchens, offices). The building also needed catering: cafes, bars and restaurants. Security service business center of class "A" usually performs not only the direct responsibilities (security of the building, premises, site), but additional: first contact with visitors (information and support in the right office, warning about the visit, the non-admission of unwanted visitors, advertising agents and distributors, the ability to control office worker (optional tenant), scheduling of comings and goings of staff.

Offices of class "B" ("B +")

Offices of class "B" and "B +" have almost the same characteristics as the "A" class, but have obvious shortcomings in terms of major tenants: no new business center (ie, the same class "A" after 5 -7 years of use), the location is not in the center of the city, not a roomy parking lot, relatively small space.

By Business Center Class "B +" include systems that differs from the class "A" slightly - only one or two parameters. So, often classified as "B +" include a business center, located outside of downtown, but other characteristics relevant to the class "A". But more often classified as "B +" carry their own building owners to attract major tenants or raise the price of the lease. The very center of the business, there may be no different from similar class "B".

The business center of class "B" may be new or remanufactured, cast-frame or brick. The internal layout may be different, but generally limits the major upgrade and expansion of the office premises of the state. However, the room can make the modern office renovation (including the installation of raised floors and suspended ceilings). Interior finish should be fresh, relevant local notion of "renovation." The building project can be both individual and typical. But preferably still the first, and with the wishes of the first tenants.

For a hardware business centers, class "B" requirements are usually almost the same as in the class "A" complex should ensure the efficient working of employees and their communication. Requires climate control in the building (as options such as climate control in individual rooms and split-system in public places). Security must meet the requirements described in "A" class. At the same time, life support systems may be easier, for example, is not automated, and operated by the staff of the building.

Usually in the business of Class "B" of the office of the medium. Such as business centers are considered a good option for the operating offices of large companies - that is, offices, do not perform the functions of representation and image.

Offices of class "C"

Key Features Business Center Class "C" with class "B", but there are drawbacks (in the location of equipment in communications), severely hampering the work of tenants. Typically, this is obsolete, office, administrative and social buildings in places which are hard to get. Special requirements for class "C" is not presented - or rather, tenant demand determines, based on the specifics of the business. Thus, in these business centers of class "C" may be a new air conditioning system, but utilities are obsolete.

Class "C" - the most common among the business center of Kiev. (Many real estate experts and tenants themselves prefer to call these buildings more "lowly": office center, office building.) This class includes all business centers, which are not subject to the characteristics of any class "A" nor "B". Some realtors offer Kiev introduce the class «D». In their view, a class "C" should provide a set of facilities, the minimum required for a modern business center: air conditioning rooms (split system), clock security and a "normal repair" facilities. Business centers, who can not afford the minimum of services offered to refer to the class of «D». But introduce it into practice is not yet possible business center of class "C" is so diverse in location, condition, size, that could be sufficient to introduce a class "E», «F» and so on. No established system of classification, or professional (and objective) classifiers in Kiev yet. So while the class "C" is used to refer to all complexes, lease, rent the cheapest offices with minimal amenities.

Almost all the business centers of class "C" - a building of the Soviet period, built for different purposes: the former day care, schools, research institutes, government institutions. They have different "age" in a different state, located in different parts of the city. Building brick or panel, plan for the corridor system with private areas small area.

Related services are minimal. For example, in a building can be a buffet (often of the "Soviet-type"), surface cleaning. Business center of class "C" completely without protection in Kiev do not, although often performs the function of the watchman. Not all business centers of class "C" have its own parking. Available communication in such business centers are usually limited, which may make it difficult to work with mobile phones or the Internet.

Location of the business center of class "C" can differ radically: they can be in the city center (for example, in the factory "Arsenal" in Pechersk district) within the city's business district (for example, in buildings of the plant "Artem" in Lukyanovka), in the suburbs ( industrial zones in the Old Darnitsa Borschagovka, Otradny).

Office rent in Kyiv - a serious question. For the tenant it is important not to overpay, but certainly not to have problems with the leased premises. Therefore, after you select a room, be sure to inspect it carefully analyze his documents. Only if you have no questions on the documents and misunderstandings with your landlord, you can without any risk to conclude a lease of non-residential premises.


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