• 2014-01-20

Kyiv offices

Ukrainian capital Kyiv to ancient history, different bright personality, unique originality and beauty.
Pechersk district - one of the central districts of Kyiv.

Pechersk district of Kyiv is inextricably linked to the emergence and development of the Ukrainian capital.

Pechersk - the historic district in the city center. The name comes from the caves of Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, which have existed since ancient times. Pechersk taken Most of the central state administrative services, office space, historic monuments, razvekatelnyh complexes.

Now in Pechersk district, which covers an area of ​​27 sq. km. kilometers, is home to 126.2 thousand people of Kyiv, there are about 30 industrial enterprises, 28 research and development institutes, many higher education institutions, institutions of trade and public catering. Caves area marked uplift and saturation obschestvennіmi activities. Caves area lives an interesting, multi-faceted life.

That is why the main office to rent - is to remain at the center of social, political and cultural life of Kyiv.

Height of Pechersk, no doubt, and make the most beautiful part of Kiev. Here is the right bank of the Dnieper above all elevated above the water level, and it offers a number of wonderful views of the Kiev. No less picturesque hill itself with its overlapping and going down to the Dnieper River ravines. Main office gives the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful views and the beauty of the historical part of Kiev.

Rent office in Pechersk allows you to comfortably use the district-developed infrastructure and solve other questions tenants.

The highest of the mountains - the Cave - is located at 196 m above sea level.

That's her business center Kyiv built Horizon Office Towers. From the windows of the business center you can enjoy a wonderful view of Kyiv, and in the evening and night-time beauty of the city at night supplemented artistic illumination of the building.

Office rent in Kyiv - is the best solution for the business.

Horizon Office Towers offers the best Kyiv offices.


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